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Heartlight 64 is a nice early single screen Boulderdash clone created by the author of Assembloids which sadly seems to have been abandoned.

Featuring some nice effective graphics, it still feels a little raw – but its perfectly playable and you can see it would make a nice addition to the Boulderdash range of games within the C64’s archive.

We’re unsure exactly what happened to the game and if there are plans to resurrect it – but check it out for now as a good curiosity.

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  1. “Boulderdash clone”… slightly more accurately, it’s a clone of https://www.classicdosgames.com/game/Heartlight_PC.html including sound effects and the first 12 levels (excluding music though). With that in mind, it actually looks near finished; for sure the other 58 levels are missing and it feels hard to dodge boulders. Too bad nothing seems to happen when you complete all levels on both C64 and DOS ;)

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