Scramble 2010


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Our next title is a superb looking Scramble development that was started around 2009 and seems to have sadly gone off the radar.

I remember being stunned by the amazing looking bitmap graphics and scroller, which has the level data streamed off the disk. It’s playable, and you can blow things up and play a decent version of Scramble – though many elements are still missing at present.

We were not fully sure why nothing more happened with the game or why it never progressed any further. However in December 2021, we were treated to a surprise release of the game in its final state some 11 years or so on:

The game has been released on the Zzap 2022 annual coverdisk which was part of a yearly kickstarter. It means that thankfully this game has escaped the GTW vaults and is now a case closed with a happy ending! :-)

And finally, here is where you can download the game for yourself:

Case closed!

Contributions: Fabrizio, Paul Nicholls, Jazzcat, Andy Zeidler

Supporting content

Available downloads

Update history

  • 09/12/21 – Game completed and released! Case closed!
  • 25/02/21 – Added missing preview V1, thanks to Paul Nicholls for the heads up
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5 Responses to Scramble 2010

  1. Hi, again.

    I could make it work, activating “True drive emulation” on VICE after being advised by someone. Really, it’s an awesome remake of the arcade coin-op with improved graphics!

  2. How can I make it work with WinVICE? When I auto-load the game, at the moment appears the message “Device incompatible” in the initial screen of the computer. I wonder why when I have no other device active with this emulator, except REU 512K that I deactivated after loading Scramble Infinity first.

    The second time I load it, appears the same message. :-/

    Thanks in advance.

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