Scramble 2010


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Our next title is a superb looking Scramble development that was started around 2009 and seems to have sadly gone off the radar.

I remember being stunned by the amazing looking bitmap graphics and scroller, which has the level data streamed off the disk. It’s playable, and you can blow things up and play a decent version of Scramble – though many elements are still missing at present.

We’re not fully sure why nothing more happened with the game or why it never progressed any further. Hopefully some day it will be resumed and completed, as it is beautiful and would certainly make up for the loss of Tony and Chris West’s Bomb game that never quite made it.

Contributions: Fabrizio, Paul Nicholls

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Update history

25/02/21 – Added missing preview V1, thanks to Paul Nicholls for the heads up

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