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In 1985/86, Ocean had a deal with Konami to convert their old arcade machines to the humble C64… which they did in style with a number of titles such as Green Beret.

We pretty much knew about every single game they had being converted, apart from one ancient Konami game which was only really mentioned once. “Hyper Rally” was an age old racer which was also apparently in the pipeline, which was a kind of Pole Position clone.

The mention occured in Zzap 64 when news of Ocean’s deal with Konami was taking place.

Just how far the conversion had got is currently unknown. Martin Galway has never mentioned the game, and no music was uncovered that he would have most likely made for it.

It is likely that the game was too old, and Ocean decided to scrap it early on. But for whatever reason, this game (rumoured to be produced for the Imagine label) just never saw the light of day… not even a screenshot!

Interesting note is that its recently been discovered that the Spectrum version DID sneak out. Ocean gave it to Crash magazine to give away, renaming it as Road Racer. It is a nigh spot on “graphic” conversion, but it seems that the conversions were either too poor or too old. Not sure WHY the C64 version didn’t get given away, but possibly the spectrum version was finished before the C64 version.

So now its time to dig out those credits and do a bit of searching… just how far did it go?… Will we ever know?

A race against time to find more on this one…

Contributions: Glenn Stubberfield, Mark R Jones

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