Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

HumbleBug was being created by non other than Jon Wells around the time when Bee52 came out, and so he decided to scrap it just 2-3 weeks into the game, because it was way too similar.

Jon tells me that he was disappointed as there was going to be much more features in the game compared to Bee52’s..

The game looks very nice, with its nicely animated graphics and cool sounds… though you can see some resembalance, but hardly much at all.

All that remains is a demo and small intro sequence, the game is kinda playable but with no enemies. This game will never be finished. This game is now kindly been allowed release into the GTW archives for you to examine and enjoy and think… What if?….

I’m hoping that someday soon Jon may be able to give a fuller description of his game, and the plans he had for it.. but other than that, nothing more to say about this scrapped game.

Case closed…hopefully more from Jon soon…

Contributions: Jon Wells

Supporting content

Available downloads

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