I Of The Mask

Electric Dreams

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A very popular and ground breaking game on the Spectrum, was infact also planned for the Commodore 64 back in 1987.

Sandy White, creator of Ant Attack and Zombie Zombie, set to work on creating one of the most ground breaking 8-bit games of all time, up in the ranks of The Sentinel.

I can’t say i’ve played the spectrum version, though it looks very impressive, possibly drawing ideas from Atari’s “I Robot”

The spectrum (And I think Amstrad) versions were completed and released, but the C64 conversion never surfaced or was never heard of. There was a mention in German Happy Computer magazine (issue 02/1986) with the format listed, possibly taken from the adverts at the time.

Checking the advert (Which you can see on the scan page), I Of The Mask was indeed intended for release on the Commodore 64, though all screenshots are that of the Spectrum. Its possible that the C64 version was too slow, or problems occurred in its creation.

Sandy White was asked about the C64 conversion, but no response was given. But rumours that it was Sandy White who was coding the conversion are confirmed to be false… with him only coding on the ZX Spectrum.

This confirmation came in 2009 when Richard Hewison got confirmation that there was indeed a C64 conversion done by Paul Fik, who also converted Sandy White’s Ant Attack to the C64. We don’t know too much else just yet, but we are hoping that this could lead us to finding out exactly what happened to this exciting conversion!…

More soon on this one…

Contributions: Dumbflag, http://www.Zzap64.co.uk, Martin Pugh, Richard Hewison, Wilfred Bos, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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  • 17/12/19 – Happy Computer scan added and tidy ups thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni
  • 24/08/14 – Wilfred Bos contributes a potential loading picture. Most likely a CNET tribute picture, but who knows?

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  1. Given the more often than not sloth-like speed of 3D games on the C64 (it really lacked the CPU for fast 3D), i personally could never of seen this ‘working’, so not surprised to find the C64 version never arrived.

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