Everlasting Style

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

In-Zane is a neat little preview, which is in a very early stage, but already shows some promise. It is a kind of Sonic/Mario game, scrolling in one direction where you control a robotic guy on tracks.

You can jump and spin in Sonic fashion and kill a limited set
of enemies over a early set of background graphics. This occurs for a short while, until you literally hit a brick wall, and have to start again. It’s quick, but already this shows a game which might have been quite nice to play had it been completed.

There could well be more, though we need to find out. We at least have some developer names so we can try and find out more about what happened to it. It was being developed for Everlasting Style, which I think were based in Australia?…

Graphics are good and functional, though they may have been improved in the final game, music is very good by D Bakewell.

Overall, a nice preview to check out for the time being…

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