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A very short entry for a title which may have been something advertised in early magazines.

The game was to be released by Playsoft, but we know very little else apart from this. The game is also part of a series of 3 games in total which includes Infer, Mega Moto and Phantom Rider.

Thanks to Marco Das, we can confirm that it was just an Italian hacked version of Deactivators. The hack hasn’t yet been preserved, so hopefully this will be done in time. As you can see – it does sit within a collector’s archive.

Case closed!

Contributions: Marco Das

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Update history

18/07/20 – Confirmed as released, download added. Just a hack of Dante’s Inferno, so case closed.

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  1. Remember that Playsoft is an Italian bootleg label. So the games were other games from the timeperiod and no originals!

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