Rim Raiders

Paul Shirley

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Another game which has been in the C64 archives for sometime, but one which hasn’t really had much attention. Rim Raiders is a early title by Paul Shirley of Spindizzy and Confusion where you must simply blast what are called Sprints and Spinners to progress through the different zones. In the game, you must collect jewels (like Spindizzy ironically) for extra sheild.

The game was credited to Paul Shirley for 1985, with details saying that the last build was in 1987. It is likely that the game was actually got to a point in 1985 and forgotten about, and Paul just compiled up a version for Compunet in 1987… maybe as an advert for his coding skills?
It seems odd that someone like Incentive didn’t see the game and want to publish it.

We hope to speak to Paul sometime in the future and find out what the plans were for this game – but Paul doesn’t generally like to do interviews, so this may be very tricky. Hopefully he may be willing to talk to us if he ever finds this page.

Was there more to the game though and was it actually meant for anyone?

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