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In the year of 1987, Computer Novels should have been released a game named ‘Ivanhoe’, but it was never to be released. The Commodore 64-version should have been released in October 1987 and the Amiga-version the next month.

Computer Novels only released The Three Musketeers but they have planned to release more than this, it sadly looks as though they probably went bankrupt.

The Advert for Ivanhoe, which Martin/Stadium 64 scanned from the November-issue 1987 of the swedish magazine ‘Datormagazinet’. The magazine had several notes about this game, unfortunelately showing at least one screenshot from the Amiga-version which looked pretty nice.

There is a recent link to American Action, which was a Swedish company based on Malmoe. It seems that the company had some economical problems in the past, but at the time of this game (Autumn 1987) – things had changed for the better. Recently we’ve added who we think were behind the game, thanks to Twoflower.

It was rumoured that a special version was also being made for the C128, so there could be two versions to find. All we have to look at is a possible C64 screenshot, but it looks rather Amiga’ish to me.

Nothing else is known, whether the game was actually completed or why exactly the game was never released. No credits are currently known, though its likely that it would be the people behind Computer Novel’s other C64 games.

One thing which is quite interesting is the Ivanhoe loading music found in HVSC. Something found anyway of the game :-)

Cherreo to Ivanhoe then…

Contributions: Martin / Stadium 64, Anders Hansen, Twoflower

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