Daley Thompson’s Decathlon early version

A short post thanks to contributor Daniel Meléndez, who spotted Daley Thompson playing a slightly different looking Daley Thompson’s Decathlon game on the Commodore 64:

Not massive differences it has to be said, apart from the panel boards and the score display section. Here is the released version as a comparison (Screenshot taken from Lemon64)

Often early builds would change their panels/layouts slightly over time. Would be interesting to know if there were any other major differences between what Daley was playing above and what we got to see in the end.

3 Responses to Daley Thompson’s Decathlon early version

  1. the other difference is he’s smiling.. don’t think anyone smiled whilst playing the finished version :P

  2. Hey, I can spot the Coca-Cola brand on that Picture.
    The released version had the Pepsi brand. Seems also to be more differences on those ads.

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