It’s Rory!


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This was recently brought to my attention by Jason Kelk, who spotted an advert for the game “It’s Rory” in an early Llamasoft advert in 1985.

We know very little about the game itself and just have this little portion from the advert with the game in. It was around the time that Zzap had slated Mamma Llama, and so we thought that due to the negative reviews of this game, Jeff cancelled the Rory game.

Embarresingly, I did ask Jeff at one of the PLAY Expo events several years ago, and he confirmed that no game ever existed – but I forgot to update the page!

However, in January 2022 – the advert popped up in conversation and thanks to Vinny Mainolfi, he flagged up that Jeff had the following to say:

“Oh he didn’t have his own game, we just felt we ought to include him with the other beasts just because he was such a c**t.”

Well, there you have it – no game was ever started and so it is case closed!

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi, Jeff Minter

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