Jagged Sword

Michal Okowicki

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


No matter if we are long past the commercial days of the C64, there are still plenty of new games being produced today to make up for it. Sadly the loss of titles is still prevalent, with Jagged Sword being yet another example.

This promising arcade/RPG title has a lovely feel about it, where you can move around a simple map, visit an options screens with all your collected items and visit various locations to kill off some enemies.

It’s relatively early days in the preview, but there is quite a bit of interactivity at this stage, and you can feel a nice little game coming together. However, the preview was released back in 2012, with no further updates since – suggesting that it has been long abandoned.

Hopefully at some point we will learn more about the game and what the plans were, and what happened in the end to result in it going into the GTW archives.

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