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Over the last year or so, I’ve been asked whether Immensity should be added to the GTW archives, as this very promising title from 2014 seems to have sadly gone completely dead. We hope however that we are wrong, and that we can instead put this into our “Still in production” section.

The game sets you within a terminal at an unknown place and with a gun in your hand. You have no idea who you are and have to explore the world and figure out various puzzles to figure it all out.

A preview was released in 2014, and it is simply stunning in its execution. The 3D effect and scaling as you move around, makes it feel like a game built in Unity/Unreal engine and with a fixed camera angle. It’s extremely well done and looks quite unlike any C64 game i’ve seen before.

Engine wise it seems to be quite advance, and I assume that all was left was mostly the content of the game to finish off. We’re not sure if it has indeed been cancelled, or just put on hold for now. Certainly we hope the latter.

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