James Fly


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

This is a multi-directional platformer in the style of Sonic and James Pond 2. Its very fast, and the action is quick.

The released previews featured some lovely graphics and animations, but on a very small screen area. The majority of the screen seems to be taken up by a map which gradually builds up as you progress further into the game.

There was no real plot yet, and seems to be just about collecting shiny objects and avoiding various creatures. The levels are massive, and take a while to explore.

There are two previews to check out with two different levels. Hopefully some credits will help us find the people behind the game and see if any more exists. Recently added also is an additional preview, which includes sound effects and a new level.

Its not known what happened to this game, or what its plans were to be, but it was very good anyway! Oddly the game seems as if it was actually completed and Jazzcat has provided us with the full game. We need to find out more about its actual release, as it seems strange that this slipped under the radar. It is just a single load.

A great fast snazzy little platformer…

Contributions: Jazzcat

Supporting content

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Update history

30/06/14 – Full game added and credits!

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