James Pond


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Issue 5 of Commodore Format first introduced news that James Pond was to be converted on the C64 from the classic Amiga game. Apart from the terrible fish jokes that CF told, the prospect of seeing the game was rather exciting.

However, issues past and nothing of the game was reported on or ever seen. No clues to whom was doing the conversion either.

Then Commodore Format uttered the immortal words in Issue 13 and claimed that Millenium had decided not to carry on with the conversion.

Sadly this was it, there was no news about how far the game got. It can only be assumed that time was going on and the game was getting old, and by then the sequel was already on its way. Millenium did strangely do the sequel on the C64.

It is possible that the same crew behind the sequel on the C64 were infact initially assigned to the first game, before being dragged onto the second title instead. It’s a guess, but something at least to chase up. What with their great conversion, the first game may have been just as good.

Just how far it got will be something to find out very soon we hope!

A fishy tale with a fishy ending… Oh Cod!… <yawn>…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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