Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A platform and ladders game from 1999, which first appeared on Forum 64.de from a guy called TecM0 who released the unfinished game onto the forum. It is in assembler format, so when you get to the screen – press the "back arrow" key and then press "3" to assemble and run. Hopefully we will get a fully executable version added soon.

This was released to the world very kindly by TecM0 who had been going through old disks – although not linked in, Fanta composed music for the game which you can find in .SID format in the download package (The music was later used in Zoo Mania).

Basically you are stranded in the castle. Your quest is to go up and down ladders and on moving platforms and run for the exit. The trouble is that there are tunneling monsters trying to slow you down. If one touches you, you lose a life. This preview onlyhas two levels with no music.

It’s a nice little preview to uncover and one for people to share. Coders may want to pick up and finish it off too, which is a nice possibility. Go and check it out and see what you think. We hope to hear more about the game from the developer at some point and close the case on this one…

Why was it cancelled?…

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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