Key to Success

Imagine Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Whilst flicking through an old Sinclair User magazine from May 1985, Mark R Jones spotted an advert for World Series Baseball, which listed a game called Key To Success as coming soon for the Commodore 64.

This is the first we have ever heard about the game, and what it is exactly is a huge mystery.

Could it have been a title which carried over from the demise of Imagine Software before Ocean took over? (Like World Series Baseball), or was it something being developed by Ocean in-house for the new label?

Bob Wakelin confirmed that he recalled producing packaging artwork for the game, but can’t recall what it consisted of. It’s unlikely the artwork has survived, but you never know … it may turn up some day and give some clues to what this game was.

It is very much early days, and due to the age – it could be a tricky one to try and pin point what exactly it was.

Can you help us find out more?

Contributions: Mark R Jones (@MarkRJones1970), They Were Our Gods (@TheyWereOurGods), Bob Wakelin

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