Olli & Lissa II: Halloween


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

It has always been wondered what happened to the sequel to Olli and Lissa on the C64. Especially if you consider that the first game was released by Firebird, and the 3rd game was released by Codemasters. We learn that Silverbird was to release the game on the Spectrum, Amstrad and C64 back in 1989… but sadly only the Spectrum version seems to have surfaced with its “Halloween” sub title and theme.

Just what happened to the C64 version, we do not yet know – maybe Silverbird went under after the Microprose take over before the C64 version could quite sneak out? Very possible, maybe the Spectrum version was ahead in its development?

It is possible that the conversion was being done by the same person who did the sequel or 3rd game, but this needs confirming. Do you know any more?

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