System 3

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Also known as: Bangkok Knights 2

Yet another System 3 title takes to the GTW stage, this time with a rather obscure title which was briefly mentioned on a news clipping for System 3 in Zzap 64. As well as talking about Last Ninja and Bangkok Knights, another title was mentioned with the name of “Knuckles”.

The game was briefly described as a fist fighting game, and was mentioned in 1986. It was in the pipeline at the time, and the game was expected in early 1987.

Before anyone says anything, it is NOT Bangkok Knights which the title is referring to, as the game was already mentioned in the same cutting. So there were two beat-em-up’s in production.

In 2015, Mark Cale revealed that the game was to be a sequel to Bangkok Knights, which used large sprites and had open fighting. However, they could not get all the moves into the limited memory and scrapped the game as a result. Mark felt the game would not work if they tried to keep pushing it.

So there is something out there to find, but who did what? And can anything be recovered and shown for the first time?

Time will tell!


Contributions: Glenn Stubberfield, Ross Sillifant, Jazzcat, Mark Cale

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Update history

  • 03/11/15 – Confirmation about the game and its links to Bangkok Knights
  • 26/04/14 – News item scan added from Zzap 64.
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  1. It’s P85/Zzap issue 18 IF you want to put the scan up.Zzap promising more details in the future…lol.

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