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"My whole bodyached as I scrambled back into the chopper.. the subs were back! … The rockets were coming in over Krakatoa and the constant explosions had brought the volcano to life!… I could stay to defend the tanker or get the islanders off the volcano, it wasn’t going to be easy!… Arming the rockets I lifted off and headed for trouble…"

That is the intro as described in the game’s advert in Your Computer back in 1984, which was a game that had just been released on the ZX Spectrum, but the advert stated that a C64 version was coming soon.

Basically due to the release of the Spectrum game (, we can give you a little description about the game, and essentially the story above gives it away by signifying that there are actually two tasks to the game, which is one to defend your tanker and two to save and rescue as many people as possible from a volcano which has come to life.

The game is a sideways scrolling game which scrolls in both directions and has a little radar panel and other details at the foot of the screen. The graphics throughout were very colourful and well praised for the time. The main critisism of the game came through reviews stating that there was a lot going on and maybe too much. There were a lot of controls, and these were not even listed in the inlay. Still the game got a good respectable 83% from Crash, and was well recieved generally.

So what happened to the promised C64 conversion?… Well unfortunately nothing ever surfaced, and Abbex continued to produce for a long while past 1984. There are no credits apart from a Spectrum credit to Paul Reynolds. Maybe he would know more?

A lot of research to be done with this one, do you know anything about it?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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  1. I have absolute memories of playing this at Christmas 1985 at a friends house who had received a C64, Piano Keyboard, acoustic modem & disk drive while I still had a Vic-20. I found this while googling to see why I couldn’t find the game in any collections.

    We played Krakatoa and Spy V Spy for most of the day.

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