Kult: The Temple of Flying Saucers


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A long winded name for a point and click adventure by Exxos (who produced Captain Blood and Purple Saturn Day) was once penned for release on the C64 back in 1989. But as with Purple Saturn Day, the C64 version was never to surface.

Strangely the game was actually released on the Amiga/ST, but just never happened on the C64 or Amstrad.

The only guess is that either the developers ran into troubles with the game on the C64, or the C64 version was dropped as Infogrammes moved away from the C64. Infogrammes were not too keen on the C64 due to their French roots, where the Amstrad, Spectrum and Amiga were far more popular. The advert certainly in Zzap 53 had no mention of a C64 conversion.

So how far did the conversion get at least?… We are not sure, but with a game so similiar to Captain Blood/Purple Saturn Day, could the game of had the same developers? We are taking this on board as a possibility as we aim to find out what happened exactly and if we can salvage anything of this game.

Maybe a complete game exists out there? Who knows…

Yet another search begins…

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    • Cheers Fabrizio – will do, the entry was added very quickly – so had no time to research or chase anyone yet.

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