Squad One

Groovy Bits

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

Squad One was a game that was produced by a crew called Groovy Bits back in 1989, first heard about thanks to a magazine article in Datormagazinet Issue #4/1989 (Released in March) in Sweden which interviewed the team about a title called Vietnam Gunboat.

The game was a Delta clone which was submitted to Players Software, and ultimately rejected due to too many clones of that sort on the market at the time. They instead offered them the Vietnam Gunboat to complete.

Sadly it seems that they didn’t offer the title to anyone else, and it was laid to rest. The only thing that has surfaced it seems is the music for the game which Tomas Danko composed and which you can download from here.

The game was actually pretty much completed, and the guys at Fairlight found and released the game in May 2017. It is hoped that maybe something of Vietnam Gunboat may follow!

Case closed!

Contributions: Martin of Stadium 64, Goat

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08/05/17 – Game found and released by Fairlight! Case closed!

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