Go Kart!


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Before the classic times of Slicks and then Micro Machines, came games like Go Kart!, with some simple tracks and playability.

Go Kart is quite primitive when compared with Slicks, and is certainly not as slick as Slicks. Unfortunatly the controls are quite awkward, making the game slightly unplayable.

The graphics are also a little too basic, although they look ok on the second track (If only a little strange for a go-kart game). There is also no sound at all in this preview.

The tracks are selected before the preview is started, so the preview has been bolted together from other previews. The game includes a standard title screen also, which luckily had a credit which we can chase up in the future.

Were there any more tracks?, was there a later version with more cars and linked tracks? The author can hopefully answer this one day…

A nice little racer, marred by some dated graphics currently…

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