Kung-Fu Warrior


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I was about to add a screenshot from the game from the recent 25th Anniversary Edition of Commodore Zone, when I realised we didn’t actually have an entry for this Visualize title at all!

This was to be a sideways scrolling/flick screen game in the style of Fist 2, with backgrounds used at least temporarily from 10th Dan. The web author of this website was even at one point down to do the graphics for the game, but School/College work got in the way and nothing ever happened.

The game itself made relatively good progress, but was cancelled in the end when Jon Wells didn’t get sufficient support for his work. The Supportware scheme didn’t unfortunately work, so titles such as this were put onto the scrapheap.

It is unlikely now that the game will ever be completed or released, but you just never know. With the recent resurgence of the C64 market, Jon might be tempted to complete this along with other games. He is currently working on a C64 edition of Minit, so its plausible.

Hopefully we won’t see this one added into the archives anyway, unless Jon is sure that it will never be finished. For now, check out the music which has been in HVSC for a while now.

Contributions: Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie

Supporting content

Available downloads

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