Ladders To Learning

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Updates made

  • 16/10/13 – Kevin Steele submits a scan inlay of Word power inlay – game hopefully to come!
  • 15/10/13 – Added scan of other titles from Peter Weighill and Rio Baan.  Opens up suggestion of there being many more titles out there to find! (gulp!)
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This is a series of games which were being released by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd back in 1984 time.

Occasionally the games surface on Ebay, and a selection of the games can be found on Gamebase. But sadly these are missing:

  • Ladders to Learning – Adverbs
  • Ladders to Learning – Alphabet Know-How
  • Ladders to Learning – Hangman I 
  • Ladders to Learning – Hangman II  
  • Ladders to Learning – Word Power II
  • Ladders to Learning – Verbs
  • Ladders to Learning – Triangles
  • Ladders to Learning – Write Now
  • Ladders to Learning – North, South, East and West
  • Ladders to Learning – Probability
  • Ladders to Learning – Theory Revisited
  • Ladders to Learning – Word Power II
  • Ladders to Learning – Tally and Total
  • Ladders to Learning – The Long Drive
  • Ladders to Learning – Geography USA
  • Ladders to Learning – Grids Galore
  • Ladders to Learning – Evolution
  • Ladders to Learning – Explorers II
  • Ladders to Learning – Explorers V
  • Ladders to Learning – Correct Spelling I
  • Ladders to Learning – Correct Spelling II

Division 1 and 2, The Water Cycle and also Graphs 2 were recently found and backed up thanks to Kevin Steele. These have been submitted to Gamebase, but can also be downloaded here if you wish to see the files. We’ve crossed them off the above list, as they are no longer GTW’s, but confirmed as official releases. Hangman IV and Dictionary Use were recently found in June 2011 by Peter Weighill and are being preserved right now.

There may also be a lot more (and the recent scan we’ve added thanks to Peter in 2013 suggests just that!!), but we are not sure yet if these ever actually got released – or are just very obscure. We hope to find out very soon, but maybe you have some in your collection?…. Can you help at all and help us preserve these games?

Or are they lost forever?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Kevin Steele, Rio Baan

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    • That is it indeed 🙂 Hopefully at some point John will port a bunch of his collection to get added to the likes of GTW and Gamebase.

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