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Thanks to Jakob Voos, we are presented with a game which had never been seen before and was exclusive to GTW back in early 2000 time.

Unfinished and previously unreleased until now. Jakob sent GTW a game called Lazytech. A 1/2 player game in the mould of Enforcer, Katakis and Blood Money, and it is a great little game – though very very tough! The two player mode works great as well.

LazyTech was being coded by the extremely talented Chester Kollschen, before even Manfred`s Enforcer was released. Chester, as many of you know, was the developer of the immensely impressive Sam’s Journey that was released a few years ago.

This project was scrapped for reasons unknown at the moment, and now all that is left of the game are 2 nice big levels, which will hopefully provide some nice gameplay for you C64 users out there to check out.

Hopefully we will get to learn more about the game from Chester in the future.

Contributions: Jakob Voos, Stefan Gutsch

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