Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Thanks to Jakob Voos, we are presented with a game which has never been seen before and is exclusive to GTW.

Unfinished and previously unreleased until now. Jakob sent me a 1/2 player game in the mould of Enforcer, Katakis and Blood Money, and it is a great little game. The two player mode looks great aswell.

LazyTech was being coded by the extremely talented Chester Kollschen before even Manfred`s Enforcer was out. So it was quite high-leveled for its age.

The project was scrapped for reasons unknown at the moment, and now all that is left of the game is 2 nice big levels, which when working properly… will hopefully provide some nice gameplay for you C64 users out there!….

The sprites are apparently being reused in a new project according to Jakob.

Great 2 player Katakis clone…

Contributions: Jakob Voos, Stefan Gutsch

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