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Lemonoids was to be a sort of sequel to the puzzler Stratagos, which also didn’t sadly get released.

The game had lemons with faces that had to be re-arranged in particular way. Andrew believes he probably spent more time doing the lemon faces than the actual game.

We don’t know much more at the moment apart from this, so watch this space for more info – especially as a disk has surfaced with Lemonoids scribbled on it.

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Andrew Rodger

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Creator speaks

Andrew Rodger speaks about work on Lemonoids:

“Whilst looking at floppy disks for Andrew’s article, I noticed the name ‘Lemonoids’ that I’d scrawled on a disk label. That was to be a semi-sequel to Stratagos, but with lemons (with faces) that you had to re-arrange, somehow, I think this was circa 1990.

Like the Cyberman turning his head, I probably spent longer working on the lemon-face sprites than the actual game, which (again, with hindsight) probably wasn’t a good idea!”

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