Leopard Lord


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Text adventure from Kayde who went into administration at the 26th August 1983. Did Spectrum releases, tried to do C64 and Vic 20 ones, which never seemed to surface.

The game in the advert (Two adverts were submitted by Peter Weighill) was described as follows:

“The first in the new range. Can you rescue your friend from the elite Leopard Lord, Fordel? You will need to destroy the evil wizard! Scenes are set in around a castle.”

“The first of the new exciting adventure games, specifically commissioned by Kayde and written by a science fiction writer. The first game is set in and around a castle littered with monsters, mazes and magical items. You must find the correct items before facing Fordel, the elite Leopard Lord, because you won’t get a second chance.”

Originally we did not know exactly how far the game got or if it actually ever got released before the company collapsed, but GTW contributor Kevin Steele recently found the game on Ebay and is in the process now of preserving it for us. You can see the inlay and tape of the game in the gallery area below.

So the game did get a release, and also Kevin found Arcane Quest, which seems to have been towards the end of Kayde, as the tape is a recycled version of Leopard Lord.

Well, the game has finally been preserved, but not from Kevin directly – but from Darren Melbourne’s disks. GTW64 recently preserved a second batch of disks (after the first batch was processed by C64.com) and found it sitting on one of the disks.

Overall it is a simple BASIC text adventure, but another game preserved! Just how many copies are there out there in the world of this?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Kevin Steele, Darren Melbourne, C64.com, John Christian Lønningdal

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Update history

  • 12/09/21 – John Christian Lønningdal supplies a hi-res photo of the game.
  • 16/10/13 – Kevin Steele submits scanned inlay of game.
  • 03/10/13 – Kevin Steele submits a clean D64 copy of Leopard Lord – now added to download.
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