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Liberation was a game similar to Turrican, and was in development for quite some time by Profile Entertainment. Danish based Profile Entertainment are also known under their demo name, Camelot.

The game had a brief mention in the pages of Commodore Format, under the European Invasion article for Denmark. The game was put down that it was in production and coming our way. The game sadly however was never fully completed and no preview was ever released.

To maybe shock you all, GTW proudly presents a first ever look at the impressive looking Turrican clone. This has deliberately been kept under wraps for sometime now, while the game has been pieced together to get something you can look at, and even briefly play.

GTW brings you a rare look at two playable levels, which are in a very early stage. They are not really playable at all, but you can have a wonder around some simple backgrounds to get a feel for how it was shaping up.

Then you also have two graphical slideshows, which really show the intentions of the game. There are some awesome graphics in here, which show a game which had a lot of ambition and would have maybe kicked some serious butt.

To round off, there is a very brief sprite demo to show some of the sprites. And for those who wish to have a mess around, the game’s level editor is also included. Don’t ask me though how to get any levels running! If you know how, then please do let us know.

Sadly it seems that the game was cancelled as support in the C64 and its games drained away. A huge shame, and a potential classic lost. We’ll find out the real reason soon straight from the horses mouth in hopefully a “Creator Speaks” page some day.

There is more to come too. Note the V1 on the preview. There was more planned, so you will have to watch this space, but it has been quite a few years now and may have stalled. Its possible we could see something slightly more playable, or even more graphics…. maybe even Jeroen Tel’s unreleased music, if Commodore Format’s reports were right that he *did* do the music.

Check out some of the amazing art and get a small glimpse of a potential classic. An oil painting which sadly didn’t quite get there…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Andrew, Witold Bryndza

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Update history

01/09/22 – Tidy up of the main piece and small update regarding V2.

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