Lemmings V2


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Another surprise, but it seems there was an influx of Lemmings developments going on, and here we have a second official conversion which was being done by Jed Adams who worked with Mike Dailly (who created the first test demo).

Basically, Jed had this to say:

"There was ANOTHER lemmings game in developement that I was working on while at Psygnoisis. It was basically a tech demo that was written after i’d seen the Mike Dailly version.

It used characters for everything unlike the E&E version that used sprites for the backgrounds. I had 128 men running around and following terrain ( they weren’t lemmings because i couldn’t draw :) ).

It was canceled / halted when I was moved onto working on an Amiga Title ( sadly )."

A lemmings game with 128 men?… would it have worked had Jed been given full development time on the conversion? We will never know.

But what of the demo which Jed created? :

"Nah its GONE .. along with all my other cool stuff .. kicking myself for selling all my c64 / c128 stuff for 100 quid many years ago … :("

Sadly this could be a closed case, but maybe someone still has Jed’s disks after all these years. They could well come forward, as you never know. Maybe Mike has a copy of Jed’s demo just by pure chance.

We’ll have to see…

Can remains of this be ever found?…

Contributions: Jed Adams

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