Lethal 2

Alternative Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Soon after the success of getting Lethal released under the Alternative label, Neil Kendall got to work on a quick sequel to the game.

For reasons currently unknown to GTW, the game never got released and was left sat on the graphic man’s old work disks until 2004, when it was finally recovered.

Lethal 2 is essentially the same as Lethal 1, but with new maps and some improvements to the graphics. Sonically the game is the same, and this would have probably been changed had the game been accepted for commercial release.

It is assumed that Alternative were approached with this title, but possibly it was a little too similar to the first game for their liking. Possibly Neil didn’t quite finish the transition to the sequel, we’ll soon find out I hope.

The game is a playable Bounder style game, and its unfortunate that it never did make it. I’m glad for Neil that the game was salvaged from a faulty disk, and the errors in the game were easily corrected by Neil himself.

Neil’s work is now immortalised, and what was possibly a only copy left in an attic, is now a wide spread GTW. Of course, this can only really be thanks to Ian Coog for getting the game fixed to work once more.

A quick sequel, but worthy and unfortunate not to get released…

Contributions: Neil Kendall

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Creator speaks

Neil Kendall speaks about work on Lethal 2…

“Lethal 2 was written in 1988 but never saw the light of day until early 2004 when Chris Mossop found some old disks in his attic.

This game was never released. There were a few bits of levels left over from Lethal which were not used in the game and we decided to finish them to make a ‘new’ game.

The disks were ‘found’ a few months ago (with Collapsar, Escape from Stank etc.) but unfortunately they were corrupt and barely readable. Fortunately I was able to make these disks into .d64 images and sent them to iANCooG who managed to use his skills to resurrect the game. Ian Coog came to the rescue and managed to recover most of the data although some of the graphics had to be touched up.

The graphics still had some errors in them but I soon patched them up with Anthony Crowthers 3-in-1 Graphics Editor, which was used to originally create the graphics. iANCooG also produced a trained version of the game and added an intro.

It had been intended to add different music to it but we never got around to that.”

Neil Kendall.

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