Living Body


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Ok, its not a game as such, and a rather odd release from Martech planned back in 1985.

Living Body was to be an educational game teaching about the body, based on a CH4 documentary. It was mentioned and confirmed as a C64 game back in Home Computing Weekly, 26th Feb 1985. Adverts were also published confirming a C64 version.

The game was to be broken up into 6 parts and teach about the workings of the Human Body. It was ambitious and certainly a big diversion from normal games by Martech.

Unfortunately nothing of the game seems to have surfaced, although the Spectrum version did surface and you can download all the docs and emulation images to check out. Overall it looks fairly basic and straight forward, so we can only guess the Spectrum version came out first – didn’t sell well and they decided to scrap the C64 version as a result.

Early days, but do you know any more about it?

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