Living Dead


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

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A incomplete game from the 80’s, similiar to Ghost and Goblins and Shadow Of The Beast, with average graphics.

Living Dead puts you in the control of a skeleton who roams around a ghost town… But roaming around for what reason is actually unknown, there is no plot with the game.

The game looks and feels about 50% complete, with a fairly short map, which scrolls horizontally in both directions. Controls are a little awkward, and there is nothing to really do.

For a game of its time, it certainly looks promising, and something which you may have seen on a Codemasters label or something.

There were no details in the preview, about who actually worked on the game, and any company name. Therefore this game is a bit of mystery to GTW at the moment.

One for you out there to try and find out about…

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