Living Dead


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

An incomplete game from the 80’s, similar to Ghost and Goblins and Shadow Of The Beast, with functional graphics. Living Dead puts you in the control of a skeleton who roams around a ghost town, but roaming around for what reason is actually unknown – as there is no plot with the game.

The game looks and feels about 50% complete, with a fairly short map, which scrolls horizontally in both directions. Controls are a little awkward, and there is nothing to really do. For a game of its time, it certainly looks promising, and something which you may have seen on a budget label back in the day.

There are no details in the preview about who actually worked on the game, and any company name. But we did think this was actually the work of Tony Crowther, as the character set is certainly his. Though with different music and no visible credits, it could be that someone just used Tony’s charset.

Called “Forest”, this charset was actually used in an obscure Mr Chip game called Project X that was released on a Triple Decker pack by Alternative Software. In the Project X game, there is some text where the coder Dirk Lee refers to visiting Tony at Gremlin and thanking him for letting him use his Forest charset. The very same charset that you can find here.

So we hope to find out more from Tony himself very soon about this one. Maybe this was even another production by Dirk Lee?

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30/06/20 – Added suspected credits and source of the charset, and also an earlier preview.

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