Lost Maze


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A classic 3D maze game, cloned again on the C64.

Sadly, apart from a modern looking font, the actual game is not progressing any further than its 80’s counterparts.

Graphically its very simplistic, and overall the gameplay is very simplistic, and slightly boring.

This was probably only intended as a small game for a magazine cover or something, but not much else is known about this strange little game.

Again, no solid credits to follow up at the moment, so time will tell if any more information turns up on this game.

I’m lost…

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Update history

16/12/14 – Minor credit added thanks to Gaz Spence

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  1. The csdb database has this preview as being code by Slam (no real name I’m afraid) of the demo group Xenon in 1995.

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