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Yet another Taskset GTW has come to light thanks to the stearling work of Paul Drury and his discussions with the Taskset crew.

The game ‘Vulcan’ originally started off as an arcade board called ‘Hunter’ which was being done by the Stampers (Of ‘Ultimate/Rare’ fame), but never seemed to get off the ground, possibly to do with the fact that the arcade hardware was not great at scrolling character sets. The game idea as a reuslt was turned into ‘Vulcan’ by Taskset and was being produced on the C64 back in the early 80’s.

Descriptions are slightly vague, but the game apparently involved flying over an area which you were bombing and aiming bombs at, shot from above… possibly inspired by Stanley Airport/Falklands.

The guys from Taskset could not remember too much more, apart from some tidbits including a vague memory of "Arktus" graphics on the C64, and that possibly Mark and Andy did the graphics for the game. It is possible that Cosmic Convoy took over the production time, but for reasons currently unknown.

Its still very early days, but what with a recent discovery of a box of disks by Andy Walker, there is a possibility that maybe something of this game could be uncovered!… It would be fantastic to preserve anything!

More soon on this one we hope!

Contributions: Paul Drury

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