Lost Caves


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“Pursued by a band of cut-throat nomads, you stumble across an ancient map, showing the position of the mythical diamond mines, the lost caves. For almost a thousand years explorers and archaeologists alike have dreamed of the legendary lost caves and gained the riches they are said to hold. Dare you enter this subterranean nightmare?”

This is what describes the story to Lost Caves, a boulderdash/repton clone with a hint of Indiana Jones thrown into the theme. The game got a release on both the Spectrum and Amstrad (http://www.worldofspectrum. org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0002936) but sadly the C64 version seems to have slipped away somewhere.

The Amstrad version was programmed by Adam Waring, who would later become Technical Editor of Amstrad Action. It was later bundled on a AA covertape with level select option.

The game got mixed reviews, but still it would be nice to find something of the game. Did it get completed?… was it even started?… We need to find develops to find out more, but maybe you can help us?

It was wondered if an actual C64 version ever existed, but Robin Gravel confirmed that a C64 version was planned – as the actual game inlay contains loading instructions and also C64 credits. So now we have credits, we hope to find out a little more about what happened and if anything has survived- though who exactly are B.C.P?? Does it stand for “Bizzare Computer Productions”, who did these games? So far, HVSC has no music for the game – unless it is one of the unlabelled tunes under Sonic Graffiti.

Do you know any more?…

Contributions: Marco Das, Patrick Furlong, Robin Gravel

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10 Responses to Lost Caves

    • No worries on Spooked, but good spot on Mutant Fortress! I’ll get a quick entry written up now to later flesh out and do some research. Nice to see some actual names for it too!

    • Superb work Robin! … that confirms (pretty much) a C64 version. Odd though that the release schedule doesn’t have the C64 listed as a platform, though there are credits and loading instructions. But the credits will hopefully lead us onto the right tracks!

    • Thanks Robin, however the URL doesn’t quite work. What game were you looking at to view the manual? Thanks for helping on this one, very much appreciated! :)

  1. I mean, How do you know if lost caves would exist on c64?

    From magazines? From commercial ads? Or from rumors?

    • I can’t find the reference at the moment – but i’m pretty sure that Lost Caves was listed in another Players inlay as slated for C64 release. They used to do a list of all their games, with ticks next to each format. I’ll have to uncover the inlay, as the write up was probably done before I had a lot of storage space for adding scans of everything.

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