Lotus Turbo Challenge 2


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Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 is a great 2 player split screen driving game, and seeing the sequel is enough to make any user excited. The other versions were breathtaking, and the C64 version was apparently shaping well according to rumours.

Featuring levels with fog, snow, rain and in the night etc.. it was going to be big on the 64 too, or we hoped it would be.

The game took so long to code on the 64, that it didn’t make it. Gremlin pulled out of the 64 scene soon after Space Crusade was released, and sadly got caught up with their other game ‘Nigel Mansel’.

An interview from the old magazine ‘Games X’ had an interview with the guys behind the Amiga version and the following was asked and answered:


Answer: “No. The reason why is that we don’t believe we can make Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 sufficiently different to the original game – we’re not going to rip people off. If we were going to produce one, it’d have to be in line with the 16-bit version. However, it was hard converting Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge for the 8-bit machine and in our opinion we created the best racing game ever.”

So did Gremlin change their mind?… did they ever start it?…. what happened?

Confirmation needed on this game, can you help?…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Patrick Furlong

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