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Yet another Donkey Kong clone was planned for the C64, but this time an attempt to update the classic theme. The idea of the game was to have the first 4 levels based around the original Kong game, with the 2nd bunch of 4 levels created by coder himself.

The new levels were to be based as an underground, where Kong lives at night-time. Each level was going to be 2 screens wide, and scroll left and right. The idea for the finished game was that you had to collect keys in order to rescue the princess.

A series of keys would have been needed to be collected. Once the final key is collected, the player would have had to make their way to the dungeon..

Once at the dungeon, the computer would have taken over and shown the following sequence, as described by the programmer:

“The door opens and you walk into the dungeon. A heart appears between you and the princess. Both you and the princess, stand facing the screen whilst the remaining time adds to your score.”

The game was to consist of many new animated features such as water, bridges, spikes, conveyor belts, and also the dungeon door.

Shaun Pearson created all the graphics, and contacted GTW about the game. He told GTW that the game was not called ‘Barrel Bunger’ as first thought, but ‘LOTYA’ (Barrel Bunger was the game’s bonus level). The game featured yellow apes to meet with the namesake.

The game was never completed, as the coder was a accountant who just liked to dabble with code in his spare time… He lost interest and so the game was lost.

Shaun kindly pointed us in the direction of his unused game logo, which is now in the shots pages, and also of the scans he has recently uploaded to his own webpage. These feature designs which were intended for the game, and explain some of the gameplay in more detail.

Sonically, there was nothing done, but it was planned for JVD/Focus to do all the music and probably SFX. All that currently consists is a series of screens, a sprite demo and a slightly playable preview of level 1.

Contributions: Shaun Pearson, Wai, Anonymous Contributor

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16/04/24 – Coder named as Frank Juerke thanks to Anonymous Contributor.

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