Mad Planets

Simon Nicol

Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A year before the release of Crazy Comets, Simon and his friend John coded their own conversion of the arcade ‘Mad Planets’.

It wasn’t brilliant compared with the two later versions lacking music by Rob Hubbard, but a reasonable attempt none the less. It was obviously the stepping stone to a sweet C64 success later on..

No publisher wanted it, Quicksilva and Virgin were approached (apparently according to CCI, Beyond almost picked it up), but all turned it down as it had no story to it and was a copy of an arcade game with no licence.

A full copy roams around and had its official release recently on an issue of Commodore Zone, which featured an interview with the author and all his games. You can respect that this game was a huge step towards the massively popular Crazy Comets and Mega Apocalypse, so perseverance proved good for Simon Nicol.

A early glimpse at what was to be eventually Simon’s famous game.

Contributions: Simon Nicol, Andrew Partis

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