Mad Max Game


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

In an interview on, Andy Jervis mentioned that he was working on a Mad Max type game for CRL back in the day:

“I started a Mad Max type game on the C64 for CRL. This involved you driving the tanker of fuel while being attacked by motorbikes, buggies, etc.

I can’t honestly remember why we stopped that one. Last thing I worked on for CRL was a conversion of The Rocky Horror Show from C64 to PC. This never saw the light of day as they went bust. ”

We are not fully sure if anything of this game has ever survived, but we hope to get hold of Andy Jervis to find out more and see if there is a disk lurking in a draw somewhere.

Robin Harbron recently suggested that the game could be related to Road Warrior by CRL. We need Andy to confirm this, but could be a good hunch!

Clem Chambers spoke to GTW64 and suggested that this was probably nothing more than a concept that didn’t get much further. This does not however completely rule out that nothing was ever started.

Nothing of the game was mentioned in the press as far as we know, but then we still hunt a name for this game which may lead to more clues.

Do you know any more about this game?

Contributions:, Andy Jervis, Robin Harbron, Clem Chambers

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