Magnetica Team

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Magnetic was to be a complex puzzler written by the Magnetica Team which consisted of:

Giuseppe Tresoldi – graphics and game designer
Omid Ehsani – C64 developer
Gerardo Iula – Amiga developer and graphic artist
Emiliano Gusmini – ST developer, graphic artist and musician

In an interview with Magnetica Team on the Italian edition of C+VG, issue 6, June 1991, it’s said that the team (whose claim to fame is

F1 GP Circuits created a game that was too offstream to see publication, before their aforementioned commercial success:

"It was entitled "Magnetic", and it was a strange programme
where a modular robot had to drag a sphere across a field covered with holes and bumps with the sole aid of a powerful magnet.

There were enemies to be avoided, many controls, and a game design so complex it would take half a hour to explain it all. It was very original and well coded, but a bit too complex to be released to market."

It sounds like the game actually got quite far – so we hope that maybe something of this complex game can be found and released to the public after many years gathering dust.

More information needed!

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni, Andrea Pachetti

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