Billy Boulder


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry which has been highlighted by developer Ron Rosen, who recently in December 2022 helped to solve the mystery credits behind Adam Caveman.

We’re not yet sure what type of game Billy Boulder was, and hope to learn more from Ron Rosen soon. As with Adam Caveman, Billy Boulder was named after one of Art’s sons – Billy.

Its believed that the game was intended for release by Databyte, though we have not yet found any adverts or evidence of this. If anyone happens to find anything, please let us know.

Sadly Art passed away in recent years, and Ron also no longer has any of his code. We hope to possibly find something via other means and will update these pages in the future.

EDIT – It has been pretty much confirmed that this game was The Legend of Billy Boulder, due for release by U.S. Gold on Amiga, ST and PC in 1990. We will close off this entry soon and set up a new page in a week or so.

Contributions: Ron Rosen

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  1. Probably coincidence,but in 1990 Us Gold had an Amiga game called The Legend of Billy Boulder (by unknown developers) reviewed but never released. If assume they were unaware of this when they came up with the sane alliterative character name, but maybe worth looking into?

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