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Megatanoï was a game first mentioned by Paul Fogarty as a game by Trisomic Boys being produced in the early 90’s.

Trisomic Boys were the game development part of the Babygang group, who did Crazy Cars 3 at a later date for Titus.

The game allowed you to race a bike of your choice through a 3D tunnel (ala Stun Runner style). There was an FLI intro where you could pick your bike to race on. The main game itself wasn’t complete, but was in a playable state.

Paul Fogarty was trying to get someone to pick up the game to market, but as the C64 market was dwindling badly – he never managed to get anyone to pick it up. In the end, the guys went onto Crazy Cars 3 and did that instead.

Only Paul seemed to have the only remaining copy of the game – not even the coder has the game any longer. On Christmas Eve 2017 however, Triad had recovered a load of development disks from somewhere and released what is believed to be everything that ever existed of the game.

The game isn’t fully playable, but there are plenty of intro and presentation parts, as well as a semi controllable bike section in a tunnel. It looks very impressive early on, and its a shame it never quite got finished. Download all the files here!

Case closed!

Contributions: Paul Fogarty, Zarko, Papapower

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  • 11/04/22 – Fixed credit.
  • 30/06/20 – Fixed name of entry.
  • 02/01/18 – Added recovered game thanks to CSDB + Triad (See comments)
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