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Memo is a simple, but effect pairs clone for two players which was being produced back in 1992 by Antic Productions.

It was hoped that maybe the game could be sold by one of the remaining publishers at the time, but sadly the developers lost interest in the game and decided to can it.

Göran Johansson had the following to say about the game:

"The object was like MEMORY but here you have two players and the object is to STEAL pairs from the opponent. We didn’t have the will to make this game come true."

Göran very kindly dug out the remains of the game to release to the world and preserve fully. So here it is! It is nothing spectacular out of all the pairs games out there, but it is well presented and the two player feature is a nice feature for the game.

Ian Coog from HVSC also notes that the game uses /MUSICIANS/M/Moon/Memory_Tune3.sid, but also there are several other tunes in the directory that were meant for the game but never used… Memory_Preview_worktune.sid, Memory_Tune_1.sid and Memory_Tune_2.sid. We will get these added very soon to the archive download.

It is certainly worth a look and great to see it preserved.

Case closed!

Contributions: Ian Coog, Jazzcat

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