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Mewlio is a point and click adventure game which takes place on the island of Martinique. Developed by French Software house "Coktel Vision", who only seem to ever have released Lucky Luke on the C64 (The French were big into the Amstrad more than the C64). The game got released on the ST, Amiga, PC and CPC and was also penned for the C64.

German computer magazine, "Chip" (March 1988, P.18) announced the game was coming. According to the article, the game was honoured with the silver medal of the city of Paris by ex-president Jacques Chirac. This was all the information in the article.

Sadly the C64 conversion never surfaced, and it seems it was axed due to poor support for the C64 in France. We’re not 100% sure, and we will need to do a bit of digging to find out more. Lucky Luke had no credits attached, so we couldn’t get any initial leads. So there is some work to be done here to uncover more details.

The released Amiga/ST versions didn’t go down very well, and it was described as a primative adventure game. Still, we’d like to find out more.

Do you know anything about this game?

Contributions: Boris Kretzinger

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