Metal Army


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

After scanning through some inlays and bits, Andrew Fisher came across an advert for a new Players game called "Metal Army". The game was descrbied as follows

Only one marine stands between the Metal Army and their evil plans of total world domination. That marine is YOU!

The game is a simple flip screen arcade platformer which did actually see the light of day on the ZX Spectrum. The game was fairly well recieved and was good quality for what it was.

However, the C64 version never surfaced although having a mention in Joe Blade’s inlay. We are positive that we are dealing with a C64 conversion as the faint screenshots (In monocrome print) are C64 based due to the Score panel being vastly different to the Spectrum version, a C64 looking sprite and also a C64 looking font on the "Score" text.

The game is credited to a Mark Haden in the inlay, but he’s also the Spectrum programmer … so did he do a C64 version also?… That could mean that David Wright was the C64 graphic artist, but this needs confirming. The collective name for the team was Delos Software who have only seemingly completed one game in total on any machine (Their only link is the ZX Spectrum release of Metal Army)

We have a few leads to chase, but we are hoping soon to find out exactly what happened to this game. Did the C64 programmer get into problems with the game?… Did Players not like what they got?… More soon!

Can it be found?…

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