Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1

Three Rivers Software / First Row Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A biblical adventure game that was being developed by the US based Three Rivers Software back in 1987 and was released on platforms such as PC.

A C64 version was advertised, but seemingly was never released and is still at large to this day.

We first learnt about this title when researching into another Three Rivers game called Prime Time which also was never released, but had a preview leaked at least. As you can tell from the title, this game was a Christian adventure game where you assume the role of Moses, who must free his people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt.

The game was a text adventure, with optional graphics. The game according to Mobygames the game “follows the book of Exodus very closely, and the “hint” feature usually directs you to read a particular passage. The game itself is quite short and relatively easy, with much of the important parts of the story presented as several screens of non-interactive text. Many of the early “puzzles” involve addressing places or people by name. Unintentionally funny at times.”

Thanks to contributor Strident, it seems after the initial Three Rivers advertising in 1987, First Row Software then distributed it. The First Row Software catalogues promote the game as being available for DOS, Commodore 64/128, Apple II, and Amiga. Strident says there are several mentions, throughout 1988, of the C64 version (see the CASA entry for some example links) which suggests that a C64 version was created and even released.

So perhaps this is just a game yet to be found and preserved, rather than unreleased? Can you help us find it?

Contributions: Marco Das, Strident

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14/01/22 – Merged in duplicate entry and added details from Strident.

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    • Thanks, though this is the DOS version which has been preserved. Unfortunately the C64 edition is still at large, which is the version we’re currently looking for.

  1. I’ve just added a page about this game to our database on CASA,

    After the initial Three Rivers 1987 advertising (which lists the platforms as IBM PC, Tandy, C64, Apple II and Atari XL) the game seems to have been exclusively distributed by First Row Software.

    The First Row Software catalogues, included in with this various games, promote the game as being available (from them) for DOS, Commodore 64/128, Apple II, and Amiga.

    There are several mentions, throughout 1988, of the C64 version (see the CASA entry for some example links) which does seem to suggest that a C64 version was out in the wild.

    • Thanks Strident, have first of all merged contents from the other duplicate page (deleting the duplicate) and have updated with your details too. It does indeed sound like there is something out there to try and preserve.

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