Prime Time

First Row Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Prime Time was an Amiga and MS DOS release by First Row software back in 1988 and it seems was due a C64 release as well.

Three Rivers Software was the team involved, who had also worked on a Moses game (of which the C64 version is also missing), and this strange early preview seems to be the result of that so far.

Just seems to be a short introduction sequence, and then goes to a screen where you can start a game – but it then crashes out before you can do anything. Not entirely sure how this snuck out, but perhaps it was leaked by a member of the team when the game was cancelled?

There is evidence that a C64 version was being done in the press too, with a mention in RUN magazine back in November 1988 (see scans).

A story to tell here, and one we can hopefully do in the future if we find members of the team that worked on this seemingly abandoned conversion.

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