Mountain Video Games

Mountain Video

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Dracula, Techno Police, Space Firebird

A combined entry for now for a competition ran in BigK magazine which was to lead hopefully to publishing of a game based on animations Techno Police, Space Firebird or Dracula.

Mountain Video Games was running the competition with BigK and asking readers to write an exciting and fast moving arcade style game based on one of their animation videos. The prize would be £1000 worth of Commodore equipment and the deadline was 1st June 1984 (so no chance of thinking of entering i’m afraid).

Head of the company, Daniel Brant, assured BigK that his company will either market the prizewinning game themselves or arrange for its marketing. Although there was a game called Space Firebirds released on the Spectrum, we don’t believe that it was anything to do with the competition.

BigK never got to report back on who won the competition (from what we could see) and so the competition seemed to die a death. What happened to Mountain Video and Daniel Brant? Could BigK’s old editor Tony Tyler shed any light on what happened?

Were there ever any submissions to this competition which could be salvaged?


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