Cloak Of Death

Argus Press

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Cloak of death was to be a horror based text-adventure written by David Cockram with Argus Press and their Mind Games department.

The description was as simple as “Starring Ghosts Galore, Spine Chilling, blood curdling, great gory graphics, Horror, Shock in the early evening. Avoid the rats and crazy dogs – you’ll feel really good after this one”

Although promised for various platforms, it never got released anywhere from the looks of things. However, thanks to Avram Dumitrescu, we have learnt that a Atari 8-bit version did make it! What happened to the C64 game, we do not know.

Very much early days as we try and work out what happened to this game.

Contributions: Avram Dumitrescu

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